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My New Loves

It’s unlike me, and it kind of freaks me out. But for the first time in a looong time, I’m ridiculously happy. It’s not 24 hours a day, and I definitely have my down moments. But generally speaking, I’m happy. I smile when I wake up in the mornings. I enjoy taking the bus, train, and then walking to school. I don’t know how to describe this weird phenomenon, so I’m just going to lay out a list for you, of the things that make me happy here. It’s not long, but it’s good.

1. Copenhagen. It’s fucking beautiful, and there’s so much to explore. The buildings are all different but I’ve yet to see one that’s ugly. There are these little antique towns, and these weird little bars, and bikes EVERYWHERE. 

2. My host family. So lovely, mellow, and generous. The dogs are crazy and crazy fun too.

3. Scandanavian fashion - it’s weird, but it reminds me of Beloit, and it makes this place feel more like home.

4. My new DIS friends - you guys are the shit and I love you.

5. This place actually makes me want to leave the house and explore. That doesn’t happen to me very often. 

6. My Gender Perspectives/Human Rights class. I volunteered to be class rep because the idea that I could have coffee with my professor twice this semester made me SO EXCITED. she’s that cool.

7. 10 shots for 100 DKK deals. They’re everywhere. Plus, you know, other student deals that involve normal things like coffee and pastries.

To sum up, this place is doing wonders for me. I promise I’ll post pictures soon.


First Day, Firsthand Experience

Yesterday, August 20th (also known as my 21st birthday!) I arrived in Copenhagen around noon. My host mom, Betina, was waiting for me with a beautiful little sign and a warm welcome. We journeyed by car (somewhat rare here) to Farum, a town about 40 minutes outside Copenhagen City Center, where my new family lives. The apartment is beautiful, and I was given a free bike! They even baked me a birthday cake. I spent the afternoon traveling the city by metro with my 16 year old new sister Julie, who is absolutely wonderful. Full of wisdom and maturity for someone so young. 

Today was to be my introduction to DIS, where I’ll be studying this semester. It’s located on a quaint street in a very popular part of Copenhagen; it’s usually a hangout for students and young folks. Coffee shops, cafes, and vintage clothing stores line the streets. 

I arrived in my assigned classroom and was assigned a group to explore the city with. I met some great peers and had a lovely time…UNTIL we stopped at the student cafe for a quick pastry and I sustained quite the injury. I was on a chair on a raised platform, fell back, and hit my head on a table behind me, so hard that it bled. As if that wasn’t bad enough, everyone in the cafe was witness to my fall, and most were DIS students. I suppose now I’ll be forever known as the girl who made a mess on the first day.

The upshot - although I must admit it was very difficult to see the silver lining in this - was a firsthand experience of the Danish healthcare system, the irony being that I’m in the public health program here. I rode in an ambulance (somewhat involuntarily, as my head was bleeding) to a small hospital on the outskirts of Copenhagen center, where the two (incredibly attractive) EMTs helped me into the ER. I must have waited at least two hours before I was able to see a doctor, but I was lucky enough to have a DIS intern for company, and we had some pretty great conversation.

Tonight I’m resting up for tomorrow’s orientations, since classes start Thursday. I sadly missed the rest of the city tour today as well as my program introduction, but hopefully I will be able to catch up, make friends, and not be forever branded as the girl with the bleeding head. We shall see.

Hej (bye bye) for now. More posts this weekend with pictures.

Day One in Paris, city of love. Started teh day off with a slightly scary jaunt through the Charles De Gaulle airport, where the family members were nowhere to be seen. Thankfully we reunited on a moving sidewalk (the irony!) and spent the day wandering the sweltering streets of Paris - drinking wine and cappuccino in sidewalk cafes, eating the world’s best bread, and sampling some of the world’s most famous macarons. All in all, a success. Tomorrow it’s to La Musee d’Orsay and a special birthday breakfast.


T-minus 24 hours until Paris. Check back for photos this weekend.

gorgeous photography.

gorgeous photography.

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me in the mornings

me in the mornings

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